One week to go and good news on local hardship access

Well done to the stalwarts, and hello to the new faces…

We have the final week of the industrial action in the coming week, and there are a few emails coming members way that you should watch out for. These will list specific action and joint involvement with EIS and the student association.

Also, we have now created an online form for all local GSA Hardship claims. It is being tested at present, and you, as members, will be receiving the link to this via your registered email within the next week. Do remember, that the committee are volunteers and we will be processing the claims as we have time, we are not an automated system, as much as we’ve tried to streamline it online, it still needs some human input and checks to be run.

To remind you, if you have taken part in the present industrial action, and can upload a payslip or screengrab of payslip, showing the deduction of two or more days pay made by GSA, we will give you ยฃ100 from out local fund.

Again, thanks to sister unions who have helped on the picket line, and of course to the massive support from GSA students.