Day 1 – Well done!

Almost half of our members joined the picket line Today!

Today we picketed outside the Reid, Stow and Haldane, distributing hundreds of flyers and stickers, listening to staff and students, and discussing our action with many.

Banners were waved, discussions were had, our message was clear.

Well Done!

Today some ideas for the rest of the week were proposed:

1. A ‘teach out’ in the students association building.
2. A full day picket on Wednesday the 4th December.
3. A collective picket line – all members picketing at each site in turn.

If you’re interested let members of the committee know what you’re up for, and how you might help.

Tuesday and the following days of Strike Action

For all the following days please meet at the union at 8.30 am. From there we will distribute armbands, materials, and info needed to participate in the picket.

Your participation on the Picket Line is much appreciated and sends a clear message to all.

If you can’t be there in person please help amplify the UCU position by re-tweeting @GSAUCU and @UCUScotland and @ucu tweets.

If you are unable to join on the picket do hold to the strike, our collective effort is what makes us strong!

UCU asks all members to take 8 days Strike Action 
Reminder: Other Activity

Friday 29th November
Global Climate Strike Glasgow, George Square, 11 am – 2 pm

Monday 2nd December
Rally in Glasgow, at the Buchanan Street steps, 12.30 pm

Tuesday 3rd December
General Election Hustings, STUC 333 Woodlands Road, 12 noon

Action Short of a Strike kicks in on Monday the 25th November, check out the guidance from UCU on how to participate in ASOS.