Your GSA UCU Contacts

Your GSA UCU elected officers are:

Thomas Greenough – UCU Branch Secretary
secretary [@]

Nicolas Oddy – UCU President

Digger Nutter – Membership/Comms Officer
membership [@]

Christina McBride – Branch Treasurer
treasurer [@]

Mark Charters – Equalities Officer

Jenny Brownrigg – Health and Safety Officer

All general enquiries can be sent to committee [@]

Each School at GSA should have least one active rep who attends the committee meetings.

We have officer vacancies for learning rep/officer and anti-casualisation officer.

We also have no active reps in Architecture, SimVis and Innovation Schools.

We still need more members to complete the Reps 1 and 2 training.

Emails are in that format to stop spamming bots from harvesting them – just remove the square brackets and gaps!