GSA UCU announces the results from the Call for Nominees:

Nicholas Oddy for President

Thomas Greenough for Branch Secretary with strict conditions: covering only the Trade Union Forum as UCU Rep and (after Inductions) as Academic TU Rep Attendee/Observer on the Board of Governors; a shadowing period with the previous Branch Secretary.

Digger Nutter for Membership/Communications Officer

Jenny Brownrigg for UCU Representative at Occupational Health & Safety Committee and for membership of the UCU Committee

Hugh Pizey (Design School) for membership of the UCU Committee

In accordance with UCU regulations – where only one eligible candidate for any officer vacancy is received, that candidate will be declared elected. Therefore, the above candidates are elected.

Nicky Bird stands down to become a lay member of the UCU Committee in the capacity of Mentor/Advisor.

The branch received no resignations from existing GSA UCU Committee members.

Personal Caseworkers – four members awaiting UCU Training, and GSA UCU hopes that by February 2020 we will have increased capacity for personal casework. More coming soon about the Personal Casework Surgery with UCU Scotland Caseworker: Tuesday 1 October 1pm-3pm, General Seminar Room 1, Reid Building

This is a significant step towards the GSA UCU Committee structure voted for by members in June. It reflects a spread of duties, and a set of priorities that includes Heath & Safety. As a union with 127 members, we are being realistic in terms of workloads, TU duties and in relation to GSA’s current Facility Time arrangements. Therefore, the new Branch Secretary will not be the UCU Representative on the GSA HR Committee, and this will be to be addressed over the coming weeks.

The new Branch Secretary will be in touch soon.