GSA UCU announces the results from the Call for Nominees

GSA UCU announces the results from the Call for Nominees:

Nicholas Oddy for President

Thomas Greenough for Branch Secretary with strict conditions: covering only the Trade Union Forum as UCU Rep and (after Inductions) as Academic TU Rep Attendee/Observer on the Board of Governors; a shadowing period with the previous Branch Secretary.

Digger Nutter for Membership/Communications Officer

Jenny Brownrigg for UCU Representative at Occupational Health & Safety Committee and for membership of the UCU Committee

Hugh Pizey (Design School) for membership of the UCU Committee

In accordance with UCU regulations – where only one eligible candidate for any officer vacancy is received, that candidate will be declared elected. Therefore, the above candidates are elected.

Nicky Bird stands down to become a lay member of the UCU Committee in the capacity of Mentor/Advisor.

The branch received no resignations from existing GSA UCU Committee members.

Personal Caseworkers – four members awaiting UCU Training, and GSA UCU hopes that by February 2020 we will have increased capacity for personal casework.

This is a significant step towards the GSA UCU Committee structure voted for by members in June. It reflects a spread of duties, and a set of priorities that includes Heath & Safety. As a union with 127 members, we are being realistic in terms of workloads, TU duties and in relation to GSA’s current Facility Time arrangements.