3 Days to Go!

National Issues – Local Pressureย 
Despite wet and windy weather today, our picketers covered Reid, Stow, Bourdon, Haldane and Blythswood.ย 

Committee Member Graham Ramsay’s GSA UCU lanyards have inspired other members’ suggestions for bespoke branch materials from stickers to Top Trump Cards.

Picketers have been speaking to members about the importance of the All OUT THURSDAY picket in the morning with our EIS colleagues.

Positive feedback from the picket line is that members are committed to send a strong #FourFights message on Thursday.

Is there more money on the table?

Currently GSA statement is that they are in engagement with UCEA.

UCU GSA agree that engagement is a good first step.
But what we would like to to see is a positive statement of support.

Where does this leave us?
Like many institutions we don’t have a clear picture of what the GSA position is.

What is clear is the majority of staff are in favour of a deal that goes some way to reversing the significant loss of income we have experienced over the past 10 years.