Day 3 Done – And the cake game was strong!


Day 3 Done – 11 Remaining!
Today we had a strong group out in force and were able to have Picket Lines outside the Reid, Stow, Haldane and the Bourdon.
Fuelled up by coffee and rolls from ‘The Monkey’, plus a great selection of baked goods from our supporters, we had a fine morning. 
Keep on movin’
 If you haven’t done so already please come and join us, it’d be great to see you.
Strike as many days as you can.
Picket as many days as you can – 1 or 2 makes all the difference!
Let us know if you intend to picket below – makes planning easier.
Picket Sign Up

UCU Scotland are organising a UCU Scotland RALLY on Tuesday 25 February at THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT, Edinburgh.
Assemble from 12.30 pm. 
Speakers at 1.00 pm including from UCU Scotland, NUS Scotland, the STUC, EIS and MSPs. 
Join UCU colleagues from across Scotland.
Branches are asked to bring banners. 
Coming to your inbox soonHardship fund
Further FAQ
Guide to ASOS
How to support the action from the inside
Tomorrow Nicky Bird & Graham Ramsay will be your Picket Coordinators.
EIS will be out tomorrow as well.

If you have questions around the dispute, make sure you ask them and they will be able to help. If not they can pass on your question to the committee. 
Some Top Tips if you are planning to join the Picket Line: 
Weather forecast for Tuesday.
3ºC feels like 0ºC, Rain/Snow, wind gust up to  20mph
Waterproof coats and trousers are seriously recommended
Plenty of layers will help to keep you warm
Put on at least two pairs of socks – cold toes help nobody
Bring a flask of hot drink – hot drinks will be provided but time can vary
Keep moving